Warm congratulations to Yunnan Chemical Design Institute Co., Ltd. comrade Shen Yan won the first batch of China Pharmaceutical Engineering design Master honorary title
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On September 28, 2023, the selection results of the first batch of Chinese Medical Engineering Design Master Cultivation and selection tree organized by China Medical Engineering Design Association were released. Shen Yan, senior engineer of Yunhua Institute, won the honorary title of "China Pharmaceutical Engineering Design Master" in the first batch.

Shen Yan graduated from the Department of Biochemical Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology. He has been engaged in biomedical and chemical process design for 36 years. He has a solid professional theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience. He is a member of China Medical Engineering Design Association, China Survey and Design Association technical expert database, national registered chemical engineer, senior engineer. Presided over, responsible for and participated in nearly 30 national large-scale and key pharmaceutical design engineering projects, has won the provincial and ministerial excellent design award and science and technology achievement award. In terms of scientific research, it has obtained 2 national utility model patents and 1 proprietary technology. As the leader of pharmaceutical design of our company, Shen Yan has actively promoted the development of biomedical technology of our company; As the technical leader of the pharmaceutical industry in Yunnan Province, he has actively contributed to the development of the pharmaceutical industry in the province and in China.

Comrade Shen Yan won the honorary title of China Medical Engineering Design Master, which is not only her personal honor, but also the glory of Yunhua Institute. It is not only the recognition of Comrade Shen Yan's achievements in the field of pharmaceutical engineering design, but also the affirmation of our company's unremitting efforts in promoting the high-quality development of China's pharmaceutical industry. The company will continue to deepen the field of biomedical technology and make due contributions to the high-quality development of China's pharmaceutical engineering construction.